My first Apollo App – Flickr Sets viewer

I was playing with the Apollo bits for last few days, trying out the different APIs. Finally decided to do something with Flickr…because it’s so damn easy 🙂 The app I built is a simple viewer for your flickr sets.

Downloadr screenshot

The app uses the standard Cairngorm approach to structuring the code. The DisplayShelf component for the sets is from Quitely Scheming. When you select a set, it lazy downloads all the pictures for that set. I haven’t written the code to download to a directory, but that can be added easily. As expected its all data-bound with the ModelLocator. I have a FlickrDelegate class that does the job of talking to Flickr using the as3flickrlib.

Download the AIR file

Download the Source

Cool libraries to explore

I have been following the blogs, discussion groups and forums to collect some cool stuff people are doing with Flex and ActionScript 3. I am maintaining a list of all such libraries on my Tools page. I want to make it a central point of access for all the great stuff happening on Flex/AS3.

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Fixing the Security Sandbox errors with AS3 Flickr API

One of the recent experiments I tried was with the AS3 Flickr API. Adobe Labs has published a library called as3flickrlib on Google Code which makes it easier to access your flickr photos. So I downloaded that (using the link under the Featured Downloads section) and started playing with it. I felt it was pretty straightforward to use it, partly because I have used other Flickr libraries like Flickr.Net for the .Net framework.

When developing inside Flex Builder my code worked great and I could access images and other information through the library. But when I deployed the compiled version to my server, I started getting Error#2048: Security Sandbox violation. Cannot load resource from… I knew that this error had to do something with the crossdomain.xml policy file that must deployed on Flickr so that external access to it is allowed. When I did a Google search on “crossdomain flickr”, I did find the policy file on But surprisingly the domain was and not, as it stated in my security error.

After a couple more Google searches I came upon this YahooGroups post where it said that the API end-point for Flickr has changed! AHA! This made me think that the as3flickrlib must be still using the old endpoint. Sure enough, when I opened up the source for, it was using the wrong end-point.

public class FlickrService extends URLLoaderBase { /** * The REST endpoint where we can talk with Flickr service */ public static const END_POINT:String = "";

To fix that, I looked at the sources for as3flickrlib on the Google Code Subversion repository. Interestingly over there was using the correct end-point ( So I got hold of the sources for as3flickrlib and the dependency: as3corelib, recompiled them inside Flex Builder and generated a new as3flickrlib.swc. Using that, things started working like expected.

So if any of you are using the SWC from the zip file provided on as3flickrlib Google Code project, it is NOT going to work when you deploy your application online. You can use my recompiled SWC, which I have uploaded over here. Ideally Adobe should be updating the build and uploading the new version. Right now the source in SVN and the compiled zip are not in sync :-(.



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