Flex + Flickr + Cairngorm

Surely I am one of the many who have used the above combination of libraries. I decided to make a simple app that used the Cairngorm architecture for RIA, just to get myself up to speed. The end result is below. I faced a couple of problems deploying it to my server, primarily the Security Sandbox error. I did a blog post on that here. I have seen some people asking about this problem on FlexCoders group. Hopefully my post will be helpful to them.


BTW, you can also view the source to see the way I have used Cairngorm.

Technorati tags: flex, cairngorm, flickr


2 Responses to “Flex + Flickr + Cairngorm”

  1. Dieter Says:


    I am very interrested to see your app, but sadly the link does not work. Could you please advise where I can view the app & source.

  2. mediakid Says:

    Looking forward to that too.

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