Hello! from FlexWinds

This is my new blog where I chronicle my adventures with Flex, Flash and Apollo — which in my opinion are some of the coolest web-client technologies. I come from a .Net background and have worked extensively with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I have a WPF blog here. Of late I have been delving deeper into Flex. I have had experience with Flash/ActionScript/JavaScript earlier, so it was great to pick up Flex and play with it.

In addition to just talking about flex and my adventures, I will also give a perspective of how it compares to the world of Windows Presentation Foundation. There are similarities at many levels and I will try to point that out. In fact if you are a WPF developer, learning Flex should be natural. It feels like migrating from Java to C#. However there are many elements in Flex which are actually superior to WPF, eg. Data Binding. I say superior not in terms of power but in terms of ease-of-use. Topics like this and many more will be explored.

I have come to the world of Flex a little late and started playing with it only after the 2.0 release. I think the Flex community is doing some really cool stuff and I would love to be part of it. Look out as I post more of what I learn, hear and create. Welcome to FlexWinds!


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