Full screen mode in Flash 9

If you want to run your app in full-screen mode, this is the article to read:


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Nagging username/password dialogs with SubClipse

I started working on a little pet project for browsing flickr images via a Flex application and using the Cairngorm architecture. I was reading about Cairngorm since the last few days and thought I should make a Flickr app using that architecture. To make it easier for me to get version control I created a Google-Code project called onclick. If you look at the description of the project on the site you would notice that I mention WPF/XAML as my primary technologies. You can disregard that for the time being since all the flex code has been checked under the /flex folder in the subversion repository.

To make it easier for me to access this via Flex Builder, I installed the SubClipse plugin. However, when I specified the repository URL for checkout it kept on asking me for my username/password repeatedly. This happened even after checking the “Save Password” checkbox in that dialog. After a few times it was getting frustrating and I had to do something about it. Fortunately with a quick Google search I found about this thread which discussed the exact same problem. The post hints about getting the command line version of SVN and then executing an update. This will cache the username/password and then SubClipse should not bug anymore. I decided to use the TortoiseSVN client instead to cache the username/password since it would internally invoke the SVN command line.

To do that I went to the Repo Browser and specified my Google-Code URL. It asked me for my username/password and I was able to browse my repository.

Later when I switched back to SubClipse to do a checkout it was smooth as butter. No username/password dialogs whatsoever. Life is good now.

Hello! from FlexWinds

This is my new blog where I chronicle my adventures with Flex, Flash and Apollo — which in my opinion are some of the coolest web-client technologies. I come from a .Net background and have worked extensively with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I have a WPF blog here. Of late I have been delving deeper into Flex. I have had experience with Flash/ActionScript/JavaScript earlier, so it was great to pick up Flex and play with it.

In addition to just talking about flex and my adventures, I will also give a perspective of how it compares to the world of Windows Presentation Foundation. There are similarities at many levels and I will try to point that out. In fact if you are a WPF developer, learning Flex should be natural. It feels like migrating from Java to C#. However there are many elements in Flex which are actually superior to WPF, eg. Data Binding. I say superior not in terms of power but in terms of ease-of-use. Topics like this and many more will be explored.

I have come to the world of Flex a little late and started playing with it only after the 2.0 release. I think the Flex community is doing some really cool stuff and I would love to be part of it. Look out as I post more of what I learn, hear and create. Welcome to FlexWinds!